Viva Chek Ino Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Diabetes Test Machine-Viva Chek Ino

Brand Viva Chek
Blood Glucose Monitor
Country of Origin USA
Test Strips 10 Pcs
Lancets 10 pcs
Lancing Device 1 pcs
User Manual Yes
Grantee 10 Years
You can Buy Directly from Aleef Surgical Showroom or Order Online
Hotline: 01713-992472 (Office) :02-41000286

৳ 1,700.00 ৳ 2,250.00


Viva Chek Ino

Viva Chek Ino Diabetes Machine provides blood glucose monitoring. If the blood sugar in our body increases, if the body feels uncomfortable or feels bad, we have to measure sugar with Viva Check Glucometer at home. If your blood sugar level rises, you must consult a doctor. Diabetes is called the silent killer of the human body. Aleef Surgical provides low cost Viva Chek Diabetes Testing Machine and other Diabetes Machines, Strips in Bangladesh.
Made with attractive design and advanced technology, this device provides accurate results in just 5 seconds. The widely used diabetes machine in Bangladesh is also called Viva Chek Ino

How to buy a diabetes machine?

Before buying a diabetes test machine, you have to think about whether you can get the strip of the diabetes machine you are buying.
Diabetes test strips should be readily available and be sure to be available everywhere or at any pharmacy or surgical store.

However, we would like to advise you to buy the machine through courier service by calling Aleef Surgical from wherever you live in Bangladesh, because you will get the machines with correct results only in Aleef Surgical.

Aleef  Surgical is a Specialist Shop in Diabetes Machines

First, you need to make sure which diabetes machine gives accurate results. For that you need to come to Aleef Surgical, where you will get accurate results blood sugar machine and strips and proper advice.

Aleef Surgical Ltd will help you with the right idea and give you the glucometer at the right price. If you are far away from Alif Surgical, you can call your mobile and order your diabetes machine over the phone and consult at home.
Although diabetes machines are available in all pharmacies or surgical stores in Bangladesh.

Products Description 

  • Model: VGM01
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Origin: USA
  • Strips & Middle include: 10 pcs
  • Lithium Battery : 2 pcs 

Viva Chek Ino Glucometer Price in Bangladesh

Diabetes Test Machine Price in BD
Brand Viva Chek Ino
Product ID 5035 
Best Lowest Price Tk. 1700
Status In Stock
Updated I Day Ago

Viva Chek Ino Glucometer Price in Bangladesh


Viva Chek Ino



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Tk. 1700

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  1. Dr. Majeda khanom, MBBS, PGT, DMC

    Best Qualitey Glucometer

    Dr. Majeda khanom, MBBS, PGT, DMC

    • Client

      Stay Aleef Surgical


  2. Dr. Sadia akter khan , MBBS, DMC

    Alif Surgical is a trusted organization for the purchase of medical equipment and surgical instruments.

    Dr. Sadia akter khan , MBBS, DMC

  3. Dr. Dilruba khan , MBBS, MCPS, UK

    Aleef Surgical is a trusted organization for the purchase of medical equipment and surgical instruments with Others
    Best of EMON VAI
    love U Aleef Surgical

    Dr. Dilruba khan , MBBS, MCPS, UK

  4. Dr. Basu Deb

    better qualitey

    Dr. Basu Deb

  5. Dr. Fazlul hauq (MBBS,FCPS,PGT) DMC, LONDON

    Best Qualitey

    Dr. Fazlul hauq (MBBS,FCPS,PGT) DMC, LONDON

  6. Dr.Abdullah Anwar Zarif

    First & Accurate Result.
    I am so ☺ happy

    Dr.Abdullah Anwar Zarif

  7. মানালি

    স্ট্রিপ নিয়ে টেনশনে ছিলাম কিন্তু সবখানেই স্টিপ পাই। তবে অথেনটিক প্রতিষ্ঠান ছাড়া স্ট্রিপ কিনলে রিস্ক হয়ে যায়।
    তাই বড়াবড়িই Aleef থেকে নেই।


  8. BDN-Dhaka

    100% Othentick products Available Heare… Aleef Surgical its best Supplier


  9. Rofiqul Islam

    Really awesome Alif Surgical, here medical equipment everything is available at wholesale price which is very good for us.

    Rofiqul Islam

  10. Abul Hasnat

    Good Qualitey

    Abul Hasnat

  11. Songita

    Good Qualitey & Best Service


  12. Kamal Hossain

    2 minutes agoNEW
    শতভাগ কোয়ালিটি ও পাইকারী দামের জন্য Aleef Surgical বিশস্ত প্রতিষ্ঠান ?
    সঠিক পরামর্শ ও স্টাফদের বন্ধু সুলভ আচরণে আমি মুগ্ধ। দোয়া ও ভালোবাসা চিরন্তন…..
    ধন্যবাদ আলীফ সার্জিক্যাল।

    Kamal Hossain

  13. Jasmin Alam

    Good Quality

    Jasmin Alam

  14. Maher Ibna Sultana

    Nice ?

    Maher Ibna Sultana

  15. Siddiq642021@gmail.com



  16. Dr. S.M. Kabir

    Very Smart Design & Accurate Result.

    Dr. S.M. Kabir

  17. Khokon Khan

    I get a lot of good quality machine strips everywhere, thanks to Alif Surgical for giving me the original machine.

    Khokon Khan

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