Oxygen Meter

Oxygen Flow Meter

Oxygen Regulators are attached to oxygen cylinders that allow refilling of the tanks with an oxygen tank refilling machine or from a durable medical equipment company. They are meant to simplify oxygen therapy.

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Oxygen Meter

Oxygen Meter regulator  are attached to Oxygen Cylinders that allow Refilling.

As a Result, an oxygen cylinder that are used to deliver the right amount of supply oxygen to the people prescribed oxygen therapy. They control the output of oxygen from 0 to 20 Liters per minute depending on the required oxygen demand. In many cases, users can change the oxygen flow from 0 to 15 liters per minute suitable.

Product Details of Medical Regulator

We offers a Oxygen regulators that can be used at a home setting as well. With an Best designed handle, the regulators fit snugly onto the cylinder body to reduce any kind of Accidental damages. All of our products have flow adjustment knobs that are easily Access for making hassle-free flow Adjustments.

 Oxygen Regulator for Home Health Care, Hospital, Clinic & Oxygen Bars.

The flow meter regulator is a Flexible for medical cylinders, Advanced oxygen regulator that can Accurately control the flow output. Lightweight Aluminum body and all-brass pressure chamber can provide maximum safety and high performance. Adjacent body is well & easy Turning flow knot which precise Adjustment of flow clear view, so a nice flow meter.

Medical Regulator Price in Bangladesh

Medical Regulator-Oxygen Flow Meter  Price in BD
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