SUPREME is one amongst the leading mattress IMPORTER, provides the merchandise referred to as alternating pressure mattress for bed sores hindrance or bubble pad. We tend to provide an export Bubble sort opposed Decubiti’s mattress & Pump System that has been designed to be used reception, rest home and hospitals for Medical use. Superior in quality and potency, the instrumentality is light-weight in weight that produces it terribly straightforward to move and makes terribly less noise whereas in operation.
Bed sores could occur, if a patient is lying on the bed for a protracted amount of your time, perhaps he’s hospitalized, unwell or disabled to steer. The explanation behind the bed soars is that the continuous pressure, that is applied as explicit body elements alongside alternative factors like wetness.

How to use a mattress for Bed Sores

  • Place the pump of the mattress on a flat table or suspend it with the assistance of the hanger at the foot facet. Unfold & lay the padded mattress} on a foam mattress in an exceedingly approach that the connections square measure on the foot facet. The surplus ends on the leg facet will be tucked beneath the froth pad. On the pinnacle, facet excess mattress will be wont to build a pillow or will be tucked in
  • Connect one finish of the air tubes with the pump and therefore the alternative finish with the mattress. Connect them firmly at each the ends. Certify that air pipes don’t seem to be clinked.
  • Switch on the electrical pump on the mattress by connecting with 220-VAC. inexperienced light-weight can illuminate. The mattress can begin inflating. Keep the pressure adjusting Knob at full within the starting. This can take around ten minutes to inflate.
  • The pump ought to be perpetually switched on throughout the usage otherwise the pad can deflate.

How it works

  • The Medical device is specially designed to refrain patient’s muscle from long fastened pressure at the same position for forestalling prevent bed sore. infix tending, is one amongst leading air bed suppliers, providing him serious Duty pump and prime quality material wont to build the Blue Ultra-Fine pad makes the info air Bed along Medical instrumentality. Its sturdiness makes it ideal not just for home use however conjointly for Hospitals. This product is simpler in hindrance of bed sores as compared to a bubble sort Medical air bed. The height of the tube is five inches, therefore, it permits additional air and refrain of the muscles and protects the patient higher. The pad is very sturdy and still, u will replace the tubes once perforate.


    • Keep the electrical pump of the mattress on for twenty-three hours and keep it off for one hour.
    • Do not use the mattress close to open flame or terribly as regards to a heater.
    • Do not smoke close to the mattress
    • Keep sharp objects far away from the m.attress

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