Konix Gel

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Ultrasound Gel

Product Name Ultrasound Gel
Brand Name Konix
Country of Origin Made in Türkiye
Packing Size 4 gallon x 5 liters
Minimum Order 1 Carton of 20 liters
Selling Type Wholesale

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Konix Gel

Konix gel is a blue gel suitable for various tests and procedures. are an essential part of all types of ultrasound scans where healthcare professionals need to pick out infections or emotions from the body. Arrow gels help with ultrasound and ECG tests most effectively because they have gentle formulas and clinically reliable ingredients.

Suitable for non-pre-gelled electrodes, ECG latches, and pendant switches in any ECG and exertional application. Allows clear transfer of ECG waves to equipment. It is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin, does not contain oil and oily substances, does not contain salt, has no toxic effect, and is odorless.

Our ECG gel is suitable for non-pre-gelled electrodes, ECG latches, and pendant switches.
ECG gel allows clear transfer of waves to equipment and is hypoallergenic, non-irritating to the skin, and free of oils and lubricants.
The gel does not contain formaldehyde and salts, has no toxic effects, and is odorless

Konix Gel is All types of ultrasound, ECG, and EFRAT physiotherapy applications Conductors of all types of thin equipment.


ECG, Ultrasound & Physiotherapy Gel
Hypoallergenic, non-straw
Water soluble, easy to clean non-stain
Formaldehyde and salt-free
No toxic effects
Produced completely harmless material
Production of vacuum treatment
Not harmful to the probe
Don’t hold air bubbles
Production of vacuum treatment

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Item Name Ultrasound Gel
Brand Name Konix
Country of Origin Made in Turkey
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