Disposable Syringe 3 ml

Disposable Syringe 3 ml

Brand JMI
Tip Type Luer Lok, Slip-Tip
Packing Size 100 Pcs in Box
Application Medical
Condition Sterile

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৳ 400.00


Disposable Syringe 3 ml

It is a Disposable Syringe 3 ml.
The barrel is made of polypropylene and the plunger is made of polyethylene.
This is because the plunger is not a simple fit-in type with a rubber tip on top, but an all-in-one plunger made of polyethylene, tip and plunger with no risk of separation.
Because it has a special ring that prevents the plunger from jumping, there is no worry that the plunger will jump out of the barrel no matter how strong the back pressure is.
Since the rubber tip is not used in the sealing part of the plunger, you can use it without worrying about the rubber source disappearing.

Product Description of 3 ml disposable Syringe

  • The barrel is made of polypropylene, and the plunger is made of polyethylene.
  • There is no worry of the of the rubber and silicone oil origin, because we do not use the rubber and silicone oil.
  • To protect the syringe from the pollutant such as dust that is undesirable, the syringes are wrapped with the blister pack one by one.

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Disposable Syringe 3 ml Price in Bangladesh

JMI Disposable Syringe Price in BD
Item Disposable Syringe
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