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Bionime GS300 Test Strips

Bionime GS300 Blood Glucose Test Strips

Product Name Bionime GS300 
Type Teast Strips 
Each pack 25 Pcs
 Origin Taiwan
Code Type Auto Coding

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Bionime GS300 Test Strips

Bionime GS300 Test Strips Use for Bionime GS Glucometer. If you have a Bionime GS300 Diabetes  Machine you will need to Purchase Bionime strip, Aeef Surgical offers Affordable prices Bionime Strips. You can order it online and get home delivery or buy directly from our showroom

Simple to Use: The large, sturdy strip and side-insert design make it easy to insert strips into the Diabetes Machine, Making it easy to use for people of all ages.

Description of Bionime Test Strips

Fill the reaction zone with a drop of blood from the sampling zone.
Accurate measurement of blood sugar levels at home
Patented test strips with high-quality metal alloy electrodes provide high measurement accuracy
Electrochemical method of analysis based on capillary whole blood
The wide and molded plastic case makes it easy to hold the test strip in your hand
A continuous introduction of the test strip in the blood glucose meter
Minimum blood sample: 1.4 µL
The control area of ​​the test strip helps determine the amount of blood on the strip
The expiration date is the exact test strip printed on the Bionime TM package
Test strips expire 3 months after first opening.

Bionime GS300 Test Strip Price in Bangladesh

Bionime Test Strips Price in BD
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Bionime Test Strips Price in Bangladesh


Bionime GS300 Test Strips

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