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Best Pregnancy Test Kits

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The Best Pregnancy Test Kit Price in Bangladesh

Great home self-pregnancy test kits. Do your own test yourself, it will provide 99% accurate results in just 5 minutes, The best-selling test kit in BD

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Best Pregnancy Test Kits

Testing your own pregnancy with your own urine is now even easier. Modern quality pregnancy test kits provide 99% accurate results in just 1 minute. Can support the expanded provision of home pregnancy testing and self-care options for reproductive health rights. Today we conducted a systematic review of the effectiveness, value, choice, and cost of pregnancy self-testing.

Great home self-pregnancy test kits. Do your own test yourself, it will provide 99% accurate results in just 5 minutes, The best-selling test kit in BD

Pregnancy testing in Bangladesh is widely practiced by both public and professional healthcare providers. All tests rely on measuring human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine. Other pregnancy-specific components have been proposed as pregnancy tests but none may be better than the sensitivity and convenience provided by the immunoassay of HCG. Ultrasound detection is also not as sensitive as HCG measurement. Current generation tests are based on monoclonal antibodies to the beta-subunit of HCG; They virtually eliminate the possibility of cross-reaction with pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH) and it is this feature that allows high sensitivity. However, it is important to recognize that ‘beta-subunit’ antibodies react with intact HCG, which is the major component of pregnancy serum, and fragments of the beta-subunit (beta-core), which is the major form. Urine Both the blood and urine of non-pregnant subjects contain small amounts of hCG.

Pregnancy Test Kits Instructions:

Instructions for using your pregnancy test

If you miss a period, 7 days or 10 days have passed since the due date but no period, please take a pregnancy test. If this test does not detect pregnancy and there is no period, wait another 7 days and test again. Hope you get an accurate result.

For this purpose, we have provided you with two pregnancy tests. If you require additional pregnancy tests, please contact us by phone or email.

Because the urine test is done through the pregnancy kits available in the market.

This systematic review will rely solely on the performance of pregnancy self-tests. Because the pregnancy kits have to be used correctly and appropriately. Incorrect results may occur due to your incorrect method, but all responsibility shall be taken by the user.

Because self-testing for pregnancy can be done in many ways and many people do not do it properly. A study found that nearly 20% of women experience false pregnancy test results due to improper pregnancy self-testing.

Rules for Using the Pregnancy Kits:

  • Prepare yourself for a pregnancy test
  • 10 ml: Take a dry glass or urine pot to store urine.
  • Take urine first in the morning.
  • Now tear open the packet of pregnancy kit and you will notice that there is 1 device and drop.
  • Place the device on a flat surface and take the drop of urine with the supplied dropper and add 7/8 drops of urine to the indicated area of the kit, then wait for 3-5 minutes and see the red or pink colored spots appear on the display.
  • Remember, if you see 1 spot, you are not pregnant, and if you see 2 spots, you are pregnant.
  • If either 1 spot or 2 spots are not seen, cancel your test and retest again.

The Best Pregnancy Test Kit Price in Bangladesh

Pregnancy Test Kit Price In BD
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  2. Jui

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  3. Sathi

    Very Smart & Result is very Good


  4. Masum

    Pregnancy Test kit is very Good but Price Little High…


  5. Karim

    Good Products


  6. Pritom

    Nice…Get Home Delivery


    • Md. Zahangir Alam

      Thank you so much, your love is our inspiration. Our goal is to move forward together

      Md. Zahangir Alam

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  8. MIMI

    ঔষদের দোকানের থেকে যে গুলো কেনা হয় তার ভালো


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