Kinoki Detox Foot Pads

Kinoki Detox Foot Pads

Brand Name KINOKI Cleansing Detox Foot Pad
Contents of Pack 10 pcs Pads
ID  8658 
Price of Box ৳, 280
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Kinoki Detox Foot Pads are the newest detoxification therapy

Kinoki Detox Foot Pads They help to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus substantially reducing the chances of illness, disease and removing harmful body toxins. 

Brand Name KINOKI Cleansing Detox Foot Pad
Contents of Pack 10 pcs Pads
ID 8658 
Price of Box ৳, 280
Last Updated 3 Days

How do the foot pads work?

The primary effect of the Kinoki Detox Foot Pads is detoxification. The patches will absorb your toxins after using for whole night. You can see that from the changing of the color after using it. The more dirty you see the foot pad, the more toxins it has absorbed. After consistently using for a period, they will become cleaner each morning. That means most of the toxins in your body have been released already. 

Apart from your feet, you can also apply these detox foot pads onto other part of your body, including back, knees, elbows etc.  and before you go to bed.

Increases energy levels
Releases unwanted toxins
Relieves stress
Improves metabolism
Improves blood circulation
Improves weight loss
Simple and easy to use

Directions for use :

1. Apply Kinoki detox patch one hour before bed-time
2. Wash and dry your feet or body part before applying kinoki Detox Patch.
3. Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off paper.3. Place the foot pad on the adhesive where noted to “Put adhesive sheet on this side” and place onto the soles of your feet or the desired area of other body part.(Socks can be worn if necessary)
4. Wear for 8-10 hours then remove pad.
5.Wipe surface with wet towel until it?s no longer sticky.
6. Used patches will appear dark greenish or grayish as they absorb toxins and waste matter from your body.
7. Continue to use each night until the discoloration of the pad subsides.
8. When used kinoki patches show signs of lightening, apply once or twice a week for maintenance. Cautions: Do not put on open wound. If you are allergic, do not use these pads. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you experience any disease, consult a physician.

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