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AmbuMan Manikin

AmbuMan Manikin CPR Training Dummy

The AmbuMan Basic allows optimal training of chest
compression and ventilation with realistic and
expiration through mouth and nose.

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AmbuMan Manikin Medical Training Dummy 

The AmbuMan manikin is an efficient training manikin that is designed to fulfill all requirements for the BLS algorithm training.

The AmbuMan Basic is a cost-efficient training manikin
that is designed to fulfill all requirements for the BLS
algorithm training.
The closed-shaped torso with its anatomically correct
landmarks trainees can also learn and train in the use of
Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) and the
placement of pads.
Ambu man Manikin-Dummy allows optimal training of the chest
compression and ventilation with and through the mouth and nose.

The unique hygienic system prevents cross-contamination.
The correct compression depth and required ventilation volume
can be monitored by the feedback indicator on the manikin.
The AmbuMan Basic is also available as 4 pack to enable
group training

Product Descriptions:

Basic unit ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol)
Head Polyvinylchlorid, hart
Chest skin Polyvinylchlorid, weich
Face piece Polyvinylchlorid, weich
Headbag, disposable Polyethylen
Trainingsuit Polyester
Caryying bag PVC-beschichtetes Nylon


Weight Torso 6 kg
Length 70 cm
Width 37 cm
Weight 4 x Torso and Bag 30 kg
Max. Ventilation volume 1200 ml
Max. compression depth 7,5 cm

Ambuman Manikin Price in BD, Image of Ambuman Manikin

Realistic Scenario of Medical Training Manikin

Ambu Man W has no wires or cables. This means that AmbuMan can be placed in a realistic environment and does not have to be near a computer or electrical outlet. This greatly affects the degree of freedom during training.

Less risk of cross infection of CPR Training Dummy

The manikin has a user-friendly and hygienic system, where all participants can use their own masks and air pouches, which reduces the risk of cross-infection between students using the same manikin. The hygienic system also features realistic expiration through the mouth and nose.

Ambuman Manikin Price in Bangladesh

Medical Manikin-Dummy  Price in BD
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