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Ambulance Stretchers-The Best Price in Bangladesh

Ambulance Stretchers Price in BD
Items Ambulance Stretcher
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Ambulance Stretcher

Ambulance personnel used wheeled stretchers to move patients in out-of-hospital settings. Ambulance Stretcher is used in an ambulance to bring to the hospital in case of adverse events and related problems to the patient during the operation. All involved in ambulance stretchers
Assists in rapid assessment and on-scene treatment of patients, and triage and transport of patients to appropriate receiving hospital facilities. In Bangladesh, this stretcher is used to take patients to hospital emergency departments. Because it can be raised and lowered as per convenience and is made of aluminum it does not attract any magnetic and is lightweight so it can be carried quickly. These essential tasks include extricating the patient, transporting the patient to the ambulance, transporting the patient to the hospital, and transferring the patient from the ambulance to a hospital bed or stretcher. These tasks may occur in confined or unsafe spaces such as the third floor of patient homes, shopping malls, or even the wreckage of motor vehicle collisions. The wheeled ambulance stretcher is the primary device used by rescuers to mobilize patients in the out-of-hospital environment Ambulance stretchers must be light and strong.

Aleef Surgical in Bangladesh since 2001 has been supplying Ambulance stretchers, Handle stretchers, Hospital beds, Wheel Chair, and other medical equipment at wholesale prices.

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Description of Ambulance Stretchers 

Ambulance stretcher ,Emergency Patient Transfer Stretcher is a low frame structure model, it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy thick-walled pipe. The surface of the bed is made with foam cushions and adjustable backs, which makes the patients feel comfortable and beautiful. It is used in many different ways besides hospital,
There are many benefits to using stretchers in ambulances and on the playground or where there is a risk of injury. It can be used if there are sick patients at home.

As a result, there are open circles on both ends of the stretcher that are used to transport patients. It is characterized by being light-weight, use-safe and easy to disinfect and clean. It is mainly used for hospitals, sports, ambulances and city roads carrying patients and injured persons.

Ambulance Stretcher Price in Bangladesh

Stretcher Reviews

The light weight, easy to clean stretcher bed surface is made of foam cushions with safety belts that make the patient safe and comfortable.
The bottom board of the ambulance car has 3 steps and 2 wheels, big and small according to any height.
The stretcher has safety lock.
Mechanical folding legs are controlled by handles on both sides.
Only one person can easily load the patient in the ambulance (with this trolley).

Measure the patient’s stretcher

Size : High position: 190x55x85cm, Low position: 190x60x26cm.
Mechanical folding is controlled by the foot handles.
The stretcher can be locked after getting into the ambulance to avoid movement.
Size : High position: 195x55x85cm, Low position: 195x55x25cm.
Self-weight: 38 kg, load bearing: 220 kg.

Ambulance Stretchers Price in Bangladesh

Ambulance Stretchers Price in BD
Items Ambulance Stretcher
Product SKU ASL2001400
Best Price Tk. 65,000
Status In Stock
Updated 3 hours ago
Country of Origin Made in China

High position
Low position
Low position: 190x60x26cm


Silver & Pink


38 kg

Load Bearing:

220 Kg

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