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Surgical Instrument Supplier in  Bangladesh. Surgical and medical instruments and equipment, orthopedic, prosthetic, and surgical instruments and supplies, X-ray instruments and tubes and related radiation instruments, electromedical and electromedical appliances and industrial medical instruments.

Product Overview of Medical Instrument

A Functional Classification: Second, pharmaceuticals, which deal directly with the body at a deeper and more basic level. Cellular and sub-cellular foundations. Medical devices represent one of the most complex technologies developed by mankind. Medical instruments offer a wide variety of tools, ranging from small objects to huge and complex machines. To get some perspective on the field we can start by grouping the instruments and devices into four sections: diagnostic, corrective, therapeutic and artificial. To this one can add helpful tools, supplies and devices that protect the patient or caregiver.

Health Care Classification of Surgical Instrument

This classification includes the corrective instruments used in surgery, and the instruments used in orthopedic and dental work  activities that interfere with and modify the body to correct defects. Many of the instruments used in this method are to drill tissues and / or or cut bones and teeth. Devices that remain temporarily or permanently, such as staples, plates and screws, fall into this category. To help with microsurgery, the surgeon or dentist is assisted by a wide range of instruments ranging from forceps, clamps and stitching needles to complex specialized instruments including microscopes. Other devices are designed to help the patient, very help for life.

Medical Classification of Medical Equipment

Including anesthesia equipment, intravenous transfusion equipment, heart-lung equipment, and observation devices consulted during surgery. Special operating tables and lighting systems with surgery, dental chairs are grouped with dentures, while operative postoperative instruments such as orthopedic braces are part of the corrective device is very nice.

In these four main categories, the following categories have been added: Supporting tooling, supplies, and devices that do not easily fit into the main categories. Examples include products that provide special environments such as incubators for children, oxygen tents and specialized hospital furniture. Disinfectant devices, including autoclaves and ultrasonic medical cleaning equipment, are part of medical devices, as are all types of protective devices such as radiation shielding aprons, sheets and gloves. There are many sections of integral supply from this group that are directly related to instrumentation, such as high-engine ligature and sewing.

About Aleef Surgical

Aleef Surgical was established in 2001 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Aleef Surgical is a Leading Manufacturer of goods including Home health care Products, Orthopedic products, Laboratory Equipment, Physiotherapy Equipment, Hospital general instruments, Hospital, General ENT Instruments, Gynecology Instruments, Medical Apron, Doctors Apron or Court, Medical Clothing, Medical Furniture  and Rectum Surgery, Hospital Surgery, Hospital Surgery, Hospital Surgery , Traders and Importers. ICU Beds, Patient Bed, OT tables, Examination tables and ward Equipment, OT lights, hospital stretchers, wheelchairs and suction machines. The company’s customer support system is equipped to provide after-sales service and home delivery to valued customers to achieve complete “customer satisfaction” through business ethics is Great. We supply products all over Bangladesh

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