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Simulation technology provides healthcare professionals with the opportunity to practice clinical procedures and diagnostic procedures in realistic (that is, a live patient) simulator scenarios. This gives clinicians hands-on experience and the added benefit of eliminating actual patient risk.

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Aleef Surgical’s article is a comparative analysis of manikins versus simulated patient manikins in learning for doctors, medical colleges, nursing students, and emergency medicine training:

Every physician must be able to adequately manage medical emergencies, especially in medical areas where emergencies occur frequently, such as the emergency room or emergency surgery. This contrasts with the observation that medical students and nurses often feel inadequately prepared to handle medical emergencies. So they should be trained to treat emergency patients. The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of manikins versus simulated patients during a training session for medical students.

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CPR Manikins & CPR Dummies:

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  • Manikin/Dummy can contribute to the development of professional identity.
  • Manikins can promote the development of caring and communication skills.
  • With the manikin, doctors, and nursing students can experience what it means to behave as a nurse.
  • The focus should be on how to enhance the sense of reality through manikins.
  • Research should investigate the impact of manikins on social learning environments.
  • Manikins versus simulated patients in emergency medicine training: a comparative analysis.

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