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Regular use of lumbar corset belt does not cause lower back pain or waist pain. Low back pain is an extremely common complaint Responsible for many days lost from work.
Pain refers to pain felt in the lumbosacral spine and Para spinal region. 2 Low back pain affecting the middle region. For that Lumber Corset Belt  Contoured L.S support is to be used.

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 Summary of Lumbar Corset Belt:


Eligible patients attending back pain clinics was invited to the Rheumatic Disease Center Participate in research. Patients were of both sexes, over 18 years of age, suffering from chronic diseases Back pain for at least 6 months, and was not Has responded satisfactorily to any type of treatment.
Patients who have tried some forms before Spinal support was omitted. Screening investigations included blood sedimentation rate, whole blood
Enumeration, a biochemical profile, routine testing of urine, and plain radiographic examination Lumbosacral spine. Through these tests, doctors have approved the use of lumbar corset belts for back pain.

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Why use Lumbar Corsets Belt?

A soft lumbar corset is primarily used to provide lower-back muscle support. A lumbar corset can be used for people who have extensive arthritis or mild lumbar instability or pain. Many times, additional muscle support provides lower back pain relief. The brace can serve as a reminder to avoid excessive low back motion and help encourage proper body mechanics. Such as good posture.

About Contoured L.S Support Belt:

Low back braces are external devices that support the muscles and bone structure of the spine.

In the past, many spine patients had to wear heavy plaster casts. Fortunately, patients who must wear braces today benefit from lightweight plastic braces that are designed with patient comfort in mind. Lumbar casts are classified as soft or rigid. Soft elastic type braces provide musculoskeletal support while allowing movement. Rigid braces are used to limit movement.

Lumbar Corset Belt Price in Bangladesh

Lumbar Corset Price in BD
ASL Contoured L.S Support Tk. 1100
Tynor Tk. 2050
OAC Tk. 1500
Cabex Tk. 850
SMCE Tk. 750
Orthofix Tk. 700
SAMSON Tk. 1450

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