Lumber Corset Manufacture & Supplier in Bangladesh

Regular use of lumbar corset belt does not cause lower back pain or waist pain. Low back pain is an extremely common complaint
Responsible for many days lost from work
Pain refers to pain felt in the lumbosacral spine and
Paraspinal region. 2 Low back pain affecting the middle region. For that Lumber Corset Belt  Contoured L.S support is to be used.  ALEEF SURGICAL IN BANGLADESH provides best quality lumbar corset belt by skilled medical technician and at cheap price.

Lumber Corset Belt Price in Bangladesh

Lumbar Corset Price in BD
ASL Contoured L.S Support Tk. 1100
Tynor Tk. 1650
OAC Tk. 1200
Cabex Tk. 850
SMCE Tk. 750
Orthofix Tk. 700
SAMSON Tk. 1350

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