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A Crutches is something that helps a person to walk based on something that a person stands or walks on which is used for support called a crutch.
Transfers weight from a person’s legs to the upper body and is used by people who cannot use their legs to support their weight (from short-term injuries to lifelong disabilities). Top Quality Crutch, Walking Stick & Medical Stretcher, Medical Walker Offering Reasonable Price in Bangladesh 

How to use crutch?

The most important part of using a crutch is to use it slowly and safely to make sure you don’t injure your leg and stand with your full body weight on the leg or damage your surgical site.
Before you use a crutch at home, hospital or office, adjust the crutch to your height and walk slowly.

Crutches Price List in Bangladesh

The Best Crutch Price in Bangladesh

Crutches Name & Model No Price in BD
Auxiliary Crutch Tk. 1650
Elbow Support Crutch Tk. 1250
Tynor Elbow Support Crutch Tk. 1650
Walking Stick Adjustable Tk. 580
Walker-Medical Walker Tk. 2500
Walking Stick with Seat Tk. 1300
Child Crutches Tk. 2200
Under Arm Crutch Tk. 1650
Medical Stretcher Tk. 4500
Back Board Stretcher Tk. 16.500

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