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Offering Orthopedic Items, Medical Equipment, Hand Splint, Lumbar Corset, Trailer Brace, Cervical Pillow, Anklet Binder, ROM Knee Brace, Knee Immobiliser, Wrist Splint, Wrist Support, Elbow Bag, Arm , Tennis Elbow Support, Walker, Under Arm Crutches, Elbow Crutches, Wheelchair, Commode Wheelchair, Slipping Wheelchair, Commode Chair Instruments, Surgical Items and Complete Urgent Products. 

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This is the most important investment in your life. Strive for the best health you can in all areas of your life by making healthy choices. A combination of high quality health and fitness products from our SGS certified manufacturer and factory.

Dedicated to developing unique medical products and innovative services that respond to the changing needs of the healthcare industry. How do you find Orthopaedic products that can make items or sell wholesale. Type the products you are interested in like Orthopaedic products and contact us directly for more important details or find similar preferences for medical products, cheap medical supplies, discount medical aid.

You can buy from our showroom or take home delivery by ordering online or by phone. Our medical devices and diagnostic products touch millions of people every day, and we are your one-stop platform for medical supplies,home health care products and equipment..

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Orthopedic item Price in Bangladesh

Aleef Surgical was established in 2001 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Aleef Surgical is a Leading Manufacturer of goods including Home health care Products, Orthopedic products, Laboratory Equipment, Physiotherapy Equipment, Hospital general instruments, Hospital, General ENT Instruments, Gynecology Instruments, Medical Apron, Doctors Apron or Court, Medical Clothing, Medical Furniture  and Rectum Surgery, Hospital Surgery, Hospital Surgery, Hospital Surgery , Traders and Importers. ICU Beds, Patient Bed, OT tables, Examination tables and ward Equipment, OT lights, hospital stretchers, wheelchairs and suction machines. The company’s customer support system is equipped to provide after-sales service and home delivery to valued customers to achieve complete “customer satisfaction” through business ethics. We supply products all over Bangladesh

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