Surgical Suture Needles Best Supplier in Bangladesh

Surgical suture needles are used for hard tissue such as skin, where a reversible cutting needle is selected to reduce the risk of tissue cutout. Round body needles are used in tissue.
Surgical suture materials are used to close most types of wounds. The ideal suture allows the healing tissue to regenerate sufficiently so that the wound is closed or absorbed once it has been absorbed.

The time it takes for a tissue to no longer need support from sutures will vary depending on the type of tissue:

Give: muscle, subcutaneous tissue, or skin
Weeks to months: Fascia or tendons
Months to Never: Vascular prostheses
It is worth noting that regardless of suture composition, the body will react to any suture as a foreign body, producing varying degrees of foreign body reaction.

On this page, we will look at the classification of suture materials, suture sizes, catgut suture and components of surgical needles.

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