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Operation instruments Whether you’re setting up an operating room from scratch, refilling surgical supplies, or accommodating a new member of the surgical team, making sure you have the right surgical supplies and accessories is a major initiative – and an important one that needs research.

Every healthcare center should have stock in the operating room where there is a wide range of basic surgical medical supplies. Each item serves a specific purpose and makes it easy for your surgical team to perform at the highest level.

Surgical Supplies and Accessories for Every Operating Room

  • 1. Surgical Tables and Accessories
  • 2. Clamps
  • 3. Patient Transfer Devices
  • 4. Arm boards
  • 5. Disposables and Consumables
  • 6. Equipment Covers
  • 7. Restraint Straps
  • 8. Head Supports
  • 9. Anesthesia Screens
  • 10. Surgical and Exam Lights
  • 11. Power Backups
  • 12. Surgical HD Cameras

Your operating room is a highly specialized workspace, and its equipment needs specific and high-quality. Remember that you are providing a team that will perform life-saving and life-changing procedures with the products you purchase. Without proper supplies and accessories, your knowledgeable staff may struggle to provide the highest quality care and customer service or bring the most positive results to the patient.

Below is a list of important surgical instruments and supplies in each operating room and medical center. You make sure that these items are present in your operating room.

Surgical Tables and Accessories

One of the most basic pieces of surgical equipment your team needs is a high-quality surgical table and appropriate corresponding accessories. These are the foundation for making sure your team can perform every surgical procedure necessary with absolute confidence. You can find tables manufactured for a variety of surgical and medical needs – general, orthopedic, neurological or other surgical applications. Appropriate corresponding products include items like drain pans, hoops, screens and positioners, and even side extensions.

About Aleef Surgical

Aleef Surgical was established in 2001 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Aleef Surgical is a Leading Manufacturer of goods including Home health care Products, Orthopedic products, Laboratory Equipment, Physiotherapy Equipment, Hospital general instruments, Hospital, General ENT Instruments, Gynecology Instruments, Medical Apron, Doctors Apron or Court, Medical Clothing, Medical Furniture  and Rectum Surgery, Hospital Surgery, Hospital Surgery, Hospital Surgery , Traders and Importers. ICU Beds, Patient Bed, OT tables, Examination tables and ward Equipment, OT lights, hospital stretchers, wheelchairs and suction machines. The company’s customer support system is equipped to provide after-sales service and home delivery to valued customers to achieve complete “customer satisfaction” through business ethics. We supply products all over Bangladesh

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