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Physiotherapy Equipment may be necessary to get you moving safely again, but they are not very expensive. See a skilled therapist for any injury or surgical problems you may have. Your therapist can help you recover quickly and safely, and they can offer strategies to help you stay healthy. During physical therapy, your therapist may recommend using certain equipment to help you recover.

ALEEF SURGICAL has been providing therapy equipment in Bangladesh at very cheap price and best quality equipment since 2001.

How to Use Therapy Machine at Home ?

Recommend Use at Home Therapy Equipment 

Physical therapy is an allied health profession provided by doctoral-level trained practitioners. After a few days of therapy at the physical therapy center, the physical therapists ask you to buy therapy equipment and give tips on how to give therapy at home so that you can easily do therapy at your home office. It reduces the additional cost.

The therapist will tell you what type of therapy to buy. Names and prices of some machines for taking therapy at home are highlighted.

Therapy Machine Price List in Bangladesh

Therapy Machine Name Price in BD
Digital Therapy Machine Tk. 1050
Infrared Foot Massager  Tk. 5700
Infrared Body Massager Dolphin Tk. 1350
Infrared Lamp – IRR Light Tk. 1500
Ultrasound Therapy Machine Tk. 21000
Heating Pad  Tk. 1500
Foldable Walker Tk. 2500
Electric Hot Water Bag Tk. 490
Contoured Cervical Pillow Tynor Tk. 2200

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