Cold Box-Vaccine Carrier Box Supplier in Bangladesh

Cold Box-Vaccine Carrier-Cooler boxes are insulated containers lined with coolant packs to keep vaccines and liquids cool.
ICE boxes are used to collect and transport vaccines during transport and/or short-term storage
Vaccines are delivered from stores or warehouses to other vaccine stores and from vaccine stores to health facilities. This product
Refrigerators are used to temporarily store vaccines when they are ineffective or defrosted.
Medical cooler boxes are used in many ways. Medical cooler boxes are specially used for sample collection in medical laboratories.

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Medical Cooler Box

Medical Cooler box, specially designed to hold temperatures within essential safe temperature limits without electricity during transport or use for Vaccines, Insulin, Biopharmaceutical, Life Science and other Medical Products, biological specimens, Selected fresh food, drink, and dairy products.


  • Made of PP, first-grade material, non-toxic harmless, anti UV, and not fade.
  • Foaming by CFC-free PU(Polyurethane), without any chemical material, can protect the environment.
  • Fixed ice pack makes partition storage space. It’s more convenient for operation.
  • You can carry it by the handle on the lid, also you can carry it on the shoulders by the belt.
  • With the good performance of the sealing ring, it can keep the cold life more efficient.


  • The manufacturer has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 system certifications.
  • The coolant material has got MSDS.
  • The cooler box and coolant material have a food-grade report.
  • The coolant material has been certified by CNAS, and DGM for transportation.
  • The cold chain product has CE certification.

Vaccine Carrier-Cold Box

Vaccine carriers, cold boxes, and coolant packs are used to keep vaccines cool during transport. Suitable for use by health workers during immunization campaigns and outreach services. Because these are passive devices, coolant packs are used as accessories for both cold boxes and vaccine carriers to provide cooling capacity for limited periods of time. The coolant packs are placed in the box/carrier packed with the vaccine vials as per the instructions provided with the product (drawing inside the cover of the box/carrier). All vaccine carriers and cold boxes are supplied with a set of required coolant packs as standard.

Temperature Stability:
Vaccine carriers and cold boxes are tested in WHO-accredited laboratories for temperature stability at ambient temperatures of 43°C and -20°C to ensure that the equipment will perform optimally under field conditions.

ICE Pack with Gel pack is frozen between -5°C and -20°C before use. Ice packs are used frozen for transporting oral polio vaccine (OPV) and for transporting all other vaccines.
Cold boxes, vaccine carrier box and coolant packs are used
Refrigerate vaccine during transport. comparative
With ICE boxes, vaccine carriers have a small volume, suitable for transporting any vaccine, injection, insulin and other frozen vaccines or for use by health workers during vaccination.

The Best Cold Box Price in Bangladesh

Vaccine Carrier Price in BD
6 Litter Tk. 6,200
12 Litter Tk. 7,800
18 Litter Tk. 9,000
35 Litter Tk. 14,700
66 Litter Tk. 32,000

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