Catheter-Urine Bag Best Supplier in Bangladesh

Catheter Urine Bag A urinary catheter is a flexible tube for draining urine from the bladder. It may be necessary for a person to use a catheter if they have difficulty passing urine naturally.

All Silicone Catheter- Foley Catheter-Dialysis Catheter-Urometer

A Doctor may recommend a catheter for a person who has difficulties when urinating. Reasons for needing a catheter can include:

  • a blockage in the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out of the bladder
  • injury to the urethra
  • an enlarged prostate in males
  • birth defects affecting the urinary tract
  • kidney, ureter, or bladder stones
  • bladder weakness or nerve damage
  • tumors within the urinary tract or reproductive organs

The Best Catheter Price List in Bangladesh

Catheter-Urine Bag Name & Size No Price in BD
All Silicone Catheter 8fr Tk. 450
Silicone Catheter 10fr, 12 fr Tk. 350
Silicone Catheter 14fr, 16fr Tk. 350
Bardia Foley Cather 14FR Tk. 220
Foley Cather Bardia 16FR Tk. 250
Urometer-Urobag Tk. 850
Bardia Try Channel Catheter Tk. 750
Bardia 3-Way Foley Catheter Tk. 750
Silicone Try Channel Catheter Tk. 850
Urine Bag Tk. 40
Male External Catheter Tk. 70
Hemodialysis Catheter Tk. 4500
Dialysis Catheter Tk. 5500

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