Blood Collection Tube-EDTA Tube Supplier in Bangladesh

The Vacuum Blood Collection Tube is a sterile glass or plastic test tube that creates a vacuum seal inside the tube with a clear rubber stopper, which allows the drawing of a predetermined volume of liquid, and here the blood is kept for various tests. There may be additions designed to save. The tubes are available with a safety-engineered stopper, various labeling options and a draw volume. The color above indicates the addition to the vial.

What is the price of Blood Collection Tubes in Bangladesh?

Blood Collection Tube-EDTA Tube-The Best Price in Bangladesh

Serum Tube (Clot Activator) Red Tube Tk. 550
Plain Tube (No Additive) Tk. 500
EDTA-K2 – 2.0 ml Tk. 500
EDTA-K2 – 3.0 ml Tk. 500
EDTA-K3 – 2 ml Tk. 500
EDTA-K3 – 3.0 ml Tk. 500
ESR PT Tube – 1.6 ml Tk. 1100
Lithium Heparin Tube – 4 ml Tk. 550
Glucose Tube – 2 ml Tk. 550
PT Tube / Sodium Cirate Tube – 2.7 ml Tk. 550
Glass Tube – ESR – 1.6 ml Tk. 1100
Test Tube – 4 inc. Made by Church Tk. 450
Test Tube – 6 inc. Made by Church Tk. 550

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