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The Vacuum Blood Collection Tube is a sterile glass or plastic test tube that creates a vacuum seal inside the tube with a clear rubber stopper, which allows the drawing of a predetermined volume of liquid, and here the blood is kept for various tests. There may be additions designed to save. The tubes are available with a safety-engineered stopper, various labeling options and a draw volume. The color above indicates the addition to the vial.

The influence of blood collection devices on laboratory tests is often overlooked. We have discussed here how blood collection materials and devices can alter hematological test results, with an emphasis on blood collection tube (BCT) additives. We have compared K2 & K3‐EDTA vacuum tubes of the same manufacturer for CBC analysis.

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What is the price of Blood Collection Tubes in Bangladesh?

Blood Collection Tube-EDTA Tube-The Best Price in Bangladesh

Serum Tube (Clot Activator) Red Tube Tk. 780
Plain Tube (No Additive) Tk. 700
EDTA-K2 – 2.0 ml Tk. 780
EDTA-K2 – 3.0 ml Tk. 780
EDTA-K3 – 2 ml Tk. 780
EDTA-K3 – 3.0 ml Tk. 780
ESR Tube (Small) 1.6 ml -Black Cap Tk. 680
Lithium Heparin Tube – 4 ml Tk. 780
Glucose Tube – 2 ml Tk. 780
PT Tube / Sodium Cirate Tube – 2.7 ml Tk. 780
Glass Tube – ESR – 1.6 ml Tk. 1100
Test Tube – 4 inc. Made by Church Tk. 800
Test Tube – 6 inc. Made by Church Tk. 1000

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