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A hearing aid machine is a small electronic device that you wear inside or behind your ear. It amplifies all sounds so that a person with hearing loss can hear better communicate and perform daily activities more fully. A hearing aid helps people with hearing loss hear better in both quiet and noisy environments. However, now there is no reason to worry about deafness or hearing loss as you can hear the whole world using modern digital hearing aids.
A hearing aid has three basic parts: a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. The hearing aid picks up sound through a microphone, which converts the sound waves into electrical signals and sends them to an amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the signal and then sends it to the ear through a speaker.

Digital Hearing Aids Price in Bangladesh. Image for Hearing AidsWhere can I get help for my hearing loss?

If you or an adult or young child in the family have questions or concerns about hearing loss, you have options. Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are a new category of hearing aids that people can buy directly from Aleph Surgical or any medical store without an ear exam. It is a hearing aid device
Prescription hearing aids intended to help adults and children with mild to moderate hearing loss require a prescription from a hearing health professional.

These hearing aids are intended to help adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. Prescription hearing aids are available from a hearing health professional who will program them for your level of hearing loss. More significant or complex hearing loss may require prescription hearing aids or other devices.

A New Horizon’ for Hearing Aids: 

Over-the-counter hearing aids are coming to Bangladesh, with lower prices and greater accessibility meaning devices are available very cheaply.

ALEEF SURGICAL  provides the best quality digital hearing aid at wholesale prices all over Bangladesh and is read by skilled medical technicians. You can buy directly from Aleef Surgical Store or order online and get it at home

What types of hearing aids are available?

There are three types of hearing aids. Such as size, their placement on or in the ear, and the degree to which they amplify sound

Types of Hearing Aids:

5 types of hearing aids. Behind-the-ear (BTE), mini BTE, in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), and completely-in-canal (CIC)
Source: National Institute of ENT in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids consist of a hard plastic case worn behind the ear and attached to a plastic ear mold that fits inside the outer ear. The electronic parts are behind the ear. Sound from the hearing aid passes through the ear mold and into the ear. BTE hearing aids are used by people of all ages for mild to profound hearing loss.

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids fit completely inside the outer ear and are used for mild to severe hearing loss. The case containing the electronic components is made of hard plastic. Some ITE aids may have certain additional features installed, such as a telecoil. A telecoil is a small magnetic coil that allows users to receive sound through the hearing aid’s circuitry instead of the microphone. This makes it easy to listen to telephone conversations. A telecoil helps people hear in public facilities that have installed special sound systems, called induction loop systems. Induction loop systems are found in many churches, schools, airports, and auditoriums. ITE aids are not usually worn by young children because the casings often need to be replaced as the ears grow.

Canal aids fit into the ear canal and are available in two styles. An in-the-nail (ITC) hearing aid is designed to fit the shape and size of a person’s ear canal. A complete-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid is almost completely hidden in the ear canal. Both types are used for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Price in Bangladesh

Hearing Aids Model Price in BD
AXON 168 BDT. 1850
AXON K80 BDT. 1450
Hearing Amplifier (Small) BDT. 7,000
Sony 158 BDT. 14.500
Sony 115 BDT. 15.500
BTI BDT. 2800
Rionet BDT. 6200
Rionet Rechargeable BDT. 6500
Wilton BDT. 4000
Siemens BDT. 22.000

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