Pulse Oximeter-The Best Price in Bangladesh

Pulse Oximeter measures the oxygen in the blood or the device known as the Pulse Oximeters has suddenly become very important in our lives.
This oximeter is especially important if you have breathing problems at home such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other lung diseases. When we go to the doctor for a diagnosis, we first check the level of oxygen in the blood.
This is very important in our daily life. So it is very important to buy a good quality  oximeter.

Review the Pulse Oximeter

Accuracy is a key consideration when buying a medical device. Unfortunately, there is no way to check accuracy at the time of purchase, but the best way is to review and test the certification before buying. The same goes for oxygen saturation Device, as it indicates the current state of your health. Incorrect readings on the oximeter can then be extremely serious.
So specialist doctors recommend buying a oximeter from Aleef Surgical in Bangladesh. Buy Pulse Oximeter Aleef Surgical Store or order online.

How to Buy Pulse Oximeters

There are many types of Pulse Oximeter available in Bangladesh but it is very important to know that not all oximeters give good results.
Find a pulse oximeter that will help you get the right results and can be used very easily.
Buy your emergency device from now on by selling the best quality pulse oximeter at Aleef Surgical at a very reasonable price.
Here you will find the Pulse Oximeter for excellent service of lightweight & attractive design with perfect result.

Pulse Oximeter Price List in Bangladesh-2022

Pulse Oximeter Model Price in BD
Jumper 500D Tk. 1850
Jumper 500D OLED Tk. 2050
Yuwell Tk. 2600
Jumper 500E OLED Tk. 2200
Finger Trip Pulse Oximeter Tk. 1200
Pulse Oximeter (Individual) Tk. 800
Younker Tk. 1400
Baby Pulse Oximeter Tk. 2500
Pediatric Tk.25,000
AFK Tk. 1050

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