BiPAP-CPAP Machine The Best in Bangladesh

Millions of people have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a serious disorder that prevents breathing during sleep. For people with OSA, the airways at the back of the throat close during sleep, causing repeated stops in breathing. So they use BiPAP-CPAP Machine

The first-line treatment for OSA in adults is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, after it has been confirmed with a home sleep apnea test or professional evaluation. CPAP machines work by pressurizing air delivered through a hose and mask into the airways during sleep. A constant flow of air keeps the airways open, improving breathing and sleep quality.

To get the benefits of a CPAP, it’s important to set it up correctly Knowing the right steps makes it work properly and helps you get used to sleeping with CPAP.

BiPAP-CPAP Machine Price in Bangladesh

CPAP Machine Model No

Price in BD

Ventmed DS-6

Tk. 125.000

YuWell YH-725

Tk. 110.000

YuWell YH-550

Tk. 65.000

YuWell YH350

Tk. 55.000

Ventmed DS-7

Tk. 130.000

Oxygen Concentrator

Tk. 65.000


Tk. 155.000


In Stock

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