Oxygen Cylinder-Concentrator Best Price & Best Supplier in Bangladesh

Oxygen keeps humans and all animals alive. No one can live without oxygen. So oxygen is very important for our survival. Apart from oxygen treatment purposes, it is widely used for mineral water, manufacturing and other industrial activities. Accidental explosions can result in loss of life and other damage at any time if adequate precautions are not taken during handling, storage or transportation of oxygen cylinders or containers.

Especially home-office-hospital oxygen cylinders must be used very carefully.

We may need oxygen therapy when we become ill or after surgery. Oxygen cylinders are commercially available for that. Oxygen cylinder sets are available in Bangladesh very cheaply and refills are easily available.

Aleef Surgical in Bangladesh provides oxygen cylinders to home-hospital or office in a very short time at very cheap price. ALEEF SURGICAL is determined to save lives.

Oxygen Concentrator-Concentrator The Best Price in Bangladesh

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that gives you extra oxygen. Your doctor may give you a prescription if you have health conditions where your oxygen levels are too low. It can help some people who have breathing problems due to conditions such as asthma use an oxygen concentrator. It generates its own oxygen and does not require refills.

The best oxygen concentrator in Bangladesh is now available at ALEEFSURGICAL.COM at a Reasonable Price

Oxygen Cylinder Price List in Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder-Concentrator Name Price in Bangladesh
LINDE Tk. 26.544
A R Tk. 16.000
China Tk. 12000
India Tk. 17.000
Concentrator  5 Litre Tk. 52.000
Concentrator  7 Litre Tk. 80.000
Concentrator  10 Litre Tk. 121.000

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