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A nebulizer নেবুলাইজার is a piece of medical equipment used to deliver medication directly and rapidly into the lungs of a person with asthma or other breathing problems.

A nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a very fine mist that a person can inhale through a mouth mask or mouthpiece. Taking medicine in this way allows it to go directly to the lungs and respiratory system where it is needed.

ALEEF SURGICAL has been supplying nebulizer machines through RFQ to Government/Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and other healthcare institutions in Bangladesh since 2001. Precise, Stable, Reliable, Versatile; Highly praised by customers.

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What are the types of nebulizer machines?

Types of nebulizers:

Jet-It uses compressed gas to create an aerosol (tiny particles of medicine in the air).

Ultrasonic- It creates an aerosol through high-frequency vibrations. The particles are larger than in jet nebulizers.

Mesh- The liquid passes through a very fine mesh to form an aerosol. This type of nebulizer ejects the smallest particles. It is also the most expensive.
Talk to your doctor about whether a mouthpiece or mask is right for you or your child. Face masks, which fit over the nose and mouth, are often better for children under 5 because they breathe through their noses more than older children and adults.

This is a modern quality device, small in size so can be used like an inhaler. It can be your travel companion. 1 time charge can be used 8/10 times.

Follow the equipment instructions for checking, cleaning, and replacing the filter on the air compressor.

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Buy The Best Nebulizer  in Bangladesh
Aero family Elite BDT. 8,500
Omron BDT. 3,800
EBL Mini Care BDT. 2,700
DuLife Plus BDT. 2,300
Prodogy Gold BDT. 2,500
Procare BDT. 2,800
Leven Nebulizer  BDT. 2,850
Compressor Nebulizer BDT. 2,300
Scian BDT. 2,500
Pocket Nebulizer BDT. 3,200

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