Blood Glucose Test Strips & Glucometer Supplier in Bangladesh

A Diabetes Machine and Strips are Required to Measure Blood Sugar. It cannot be measured without it. ALEEF SURGICAL in Bangladesh is selling all types of Diabetes Machines and Blood Glucose Test Strips at wholesale prices all over Bangladesh.
Buy Genuine Diabetes test strips to get Accurate Results. Don’t be fooled by Buying fake strips at cheap prices.

Blood Glucose Test Strip Price in Bangladesh

Blood Glucose Test Strip Price in BD
Accu Chek Active Tk. 1300
Accu Chek Instant Tk. 1400
Accu Chek Performa Tk. 2200
Quick Check Tk. 450
Glucoleader Enhance Tk. 450
Bionime Tk. 525
Free Style Light Tk. 2500
Viva Check Ino Tk. 900
Gluco Lab Tk. 1000
Digital Accu Answer Tk. 1000

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