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An audiometer is a subjective device used to measure a person’s hearing ability. An audiologist or trained staff uses an audiometer with special audiometric testing techniques to determine hearing thresholds and determine as well as measure the degree of a person’s hearing loss. From these results, appropriate referral for treatment or possible hearing aid fitting can be determined. With the audiometers, tones of different frequencies are presented at different levels of the patient’s ear. The hearing threshold is the level at which the individual can barely hear the stimulus. An audiometer is a hearing test instrument.

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How to do a hearing screening with an audiometer?

You can perform a hearing screening with audiometers in two ways. First, you can make a quick audiogram with four frequencies and no less than 20 dB to get a quick overview of hearing thresholds. Second, your patient can create their audiogram by performing an automated test, if available on audiometers.

to help you perform audiometric tests and procedures that will help you perform audiometric tests and procedures very easily. Patient data and test results can be easily retrieved, saved, and printed by connecting our audiometers to your PC.

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