Nebulizer Machine Price in Bangladesh

LEVEN ৳. 1850
AeroFamily  ৳. 5200
Prodigy Gold ৳. 2500
Fogg  ৳. 2200
Medtech ৳. 1850
Scian ৳. 2500
Omron ৳. 3700
Dulife Plus ৳. 1750

Nebulizer নেবুলাইজার মেশিন Supplier in Bangladesh

All kinds of Nebulizer Machine price in Bangladesh at Best Quality at Aleef Surgical Ltd

The Nebulize Machine is a small machine that turns liquid medicine into fog. You sit with the machine and breathe through an attached mouthpiece. If you take slow, deep breaths for 10 to 15 minutes, the medicine goes into your lungs. This way the medicine in your lungs is easy to breathe and pleasant. Our nebulizer machine can be easily used by newborns and infants as well as adults.

The Nebulizer are designed to be smart and small in size for home use. You can easily move anywhere.
Home nebulizer are like medium laptops and you need to plug in an electrical outlet. Portable nebulizers run on batteries, or you can plug them into a car outlet. Some cards are slightly larger than the deck, so you can carry them in a bag or briefcase.

The Device may require a doctor’s prescription, or you can get it at your pediatrician’s office. Many also receive respiratory treatment at their doctor’s office. has been providing this nebulizer machine at very low prices in Bangladesh since 2001.
Expert doctors in Bangladesh recommend buying nebulizer  from as the best Medical Product are available here.

Call to buy the nebulizer machine of your choice or order online. We have 2 years after sales service. is the only wholesale company in Bangladesh.

NEBULIZER Price in Bangladesh

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