Blood Glucose Monitor-Diabetes Machine

Blood Glucose Monitor-Diabetes Machine in Bangladesh

We also know the Glucometer by many names such as Diabetes Machine & Blood Glucose Monitor

You will need to have your Blood Glucose Checked to make sure you have pre-diabetes or type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes. Testing is easy, and results are usually available quickly. So you need a good Quality Diabetes Machine, Blood Glucose Monitor/Glucometer

Highlight is a good quality Organization in Bangladesh, Delivering all the Health Care Equipment to the common man at a Reasonable price since 2001.
Specialist Doctors Advise taking a Glucometer/Diabetes Machine from to get Accurate Results in a short time.

A blood Glucose Tester at home is a safe and Affordable way to Diagnose people before they have Diabetes. This is useful because Diabetes does not always cause symptoms, especially in the early stages. So it is safest to test Blood Glucose at home and the results are known in a very short time.

For those who have already been diagnosed with Diabetes, it is important to have their Blood Glucose Test at home in order to be able to control their Blood Sugar Levels.

A home Blood Glucose Testing can save lives by preventing persistent High Blood Sugar complications. Complications of Diabetes can include cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, and nerve damage. So it is very important to check glucose.

Diabetes Machine Price List in Bangladesh- June 2022

Diabetes Machine Model

Price in BD
Accu Chek Active ৳.3200
Digital Accu Answer  ৳.1250
Quick Check  ৳.1200
Viva Check Ino ৳.1700
Alere G1 ৳.1450
Sugar Check  ৳.1400
GM 550 ৳.1500
Palm Check  ৳.1550
AC Quick  ৳.1500
Life Chek TD4141


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