Best-Price Stretcher for Patients in Bangladesh

A stretcher is a device used to transport a sick or injured person. It is usually made of a long, narrow frame with a fabric or vinyl surface that supports the person’s body. Stretchers are often used by medical personnel in emergency situations to transport patients from one place to another safely and comfortably.

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Facilities of Stretcher: Stretchers were the first devices designed to transport patients who were unable to move due to illness or injury. There are different types of stretchers according to use: from medical transport inside and outside the hospital to emergency transport.

  • A structure of two poles from which a long canvas is suspended, used to carry the sick, wounded, or dead.
  • Various are used to transport injured players from the mat to the hospital or ambulance.
  • A stretcher with four legs and wheels is used to carry patients in an ambulance.
  • Specially used to transport patients to the hospital emergency department.
  • This applies to patient bed transfers
  • In the case of sudden illness in the office, it is much safer to carry the patient directly on a stretcher rather than on the shoulder.
  • There is no alternative to stretchers for quick evacuation of injured people in natural calamities like floods and earthquakes.
  • Stretchers are indispensable for the recovery of injured persons in a sudden fire in a factory.
  • Elderly: Facilitates migration of individuals

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