Hospital Beds

A hospital beds means a bed for an adult or child patient. This definition does not include bassinets for newborns in the nursery of a maternity unit, beds in labor rooms, recovery rooms, and other beds used exclusively for emergency purposes. Bed capacity refers to existing beds, temporarily designated specifically for inpatient care, including spaces primarily designed or remodeled for inpatient beds.

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Types of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are not just limited to hospitals. It may be necessary to use it at home if a patient needs to lie down for a long time to recover.
These beds are of several types used as patient comfort beds

  • General bed- It is used in the general ward of the hospital. It is used for general treatment or first aid needs. These beds have support on both sides and a normal mattress.
  • 2 Function Hospital Bed: 2 Function Hospital Bed It can be raised and lowered according to the needs of the patient on the head and foot side in a manual system and has support on 2 sides. The beds are attached with wheels so it is convenient to move.
  • 3-function hospital bed-it is manual and electric. Buyer can buy any one as per his requirement. But the price of an electric bed is a little higher. This bed can be raised and lowered according to the convenience of the patient in the areas of the neck, waist, and legs. It is also used in the ICU room of the hospital.
  • 4 Function Hospital Bed It is available in manual and electric design. Electric beds are more convenient to use as they are controlled through a remote

Hospital Beds price in Bangladesh

Hospital Bed- ICU Bed Price in BD
1 Function – BD Tk. 15,500
2 Function – BD Tk. 20,000
2 Function Manual – China Tk. 45,000
3 Function Manual Bed – China Tk. 90,000
3 Function Electric – China Tk. 125,000
8 Function Electric – China Tk. 450,000
Patient Examination Bed – BD Tk. 8,500
Gynecology Examination Bed – BD Tk. 16.500
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